About Us

LifeSmart™ has come a long way after being founded in 2013. Four friends, with a passion for technology and the drive to overcome daily annoyances, incepted a company to contribute more to the emerging technology of the "Internet of Things".

"Headquarters in Hangzhou China with offices, partners and distributors around the globe, we work with the most passionate coworkers and partners to design, create and offer most innovative smart home solution. With strategic partners for innovative technologies we are able to roll out new exciting technologies fast, such as personalized home energy management with which we are now working together with world leading utility companies.
Fast adaptability and simplicity in user interface design are our core strengths.
Currently, after gaining all rights for distribution in New Zealand and Australia, we have already received amazing welcome from both Countries, which is an outcome of our amazing life smart products."

LifeSmart™ is expanding into new markets with a vision to become market leader in 10 countries and extend our customer reach to over 20 countries by 2017. We are also ever expanding and improving our product line, bringing a full smart home experience to our users across the globe.

The Team
LifeSmart™ is a young and International team passionate in creating new and exciting "Internet of Things" related technologies. We are one of the market leading and trendsetting companies both in the local Chinese market as well as rapidly expanding in the global market. We believe that through great design and a unique product approach we can change the impact "IoT" has on our customer's lifestyle and the environment

Our core values
  • Simplicity
  • 100% reliable customer experience
  • Value for money
  • Long-term customer binding
  • And if things do go wrong... we will be there for you